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Hello There!

I know I’ve been posting a lot since yesterday, but it’s a lot of fun sharing things with you fine people.  Hopefully you don’t get annoyed. 😉

So, I’ve had so many discussions in the past of “what’s your favorite movie?”.  It goes around and everyone shares some of their favorites.  Notice I said “some”, since no one can choose just one.  There are way too many great films out there to pick just one.  I’m going to try and pick my top five, although it’s tough, and explain why.  They will be numbered, but are in no specific order.  So lets get started!

1 –  Inception

This movie was outstanding.  From director Christopher Nolan, one of my favorites and also director on The Dark Knight trilogy, comes this ultra-cool SciFi movie.  If you haven’t seen this yet (which I’d be surprised if you didn’t) then your missing out.  Inception was such an interesting and different idea, that it drew me right in.  Granted, the story is a little complex and takes a few watches to fully grasp, but once you do you’ll realize it is top notch.  The action is great, writing is exceptional, and the cinematography is what you’d expect from someone as good as Christopher Nolan.

2 – Avatar

Avatar is one of those movies that will go down in the history books.  I must’ve watched this movie thirty times, and each time it still does not disappoint.  James Cameron is the director.  I’m sure most people already know he is the man behind Titanic as well.  I respect James Cameron for his determination and experimentation.  Avatar revolutionized 3D filming, and took about four years to create because of all the hiccups they had perfecting new technology.  The outcome was worth it though.  The writing is great in this movie, and the visual effects are almost real looking!  I can’t wait to see the next two upcoming movies!  (Yes, Avatar has turned into a trilogy :D)

3 – The Dark Knight

Yet another film from Christopher Nolan, I couldn’t say more great things about this movie.  Everyone has heard of Heath Ledgers performance as “The Joker”, and I think it was fantastic!  When you watch a movie, and you get so sucked in that you realize your not watching actors anymore, but an actual story unfolding, is a sign of a great movie.  This happened to me with The Dark Knight.  And the late Heath Ledgers acting chops gave me chills.  The writing was outstanding in this film as well.  I hope to meet whoever wrote the script for The Dark Knight someday, and pick his brain a little.  Now all you have to ask yourself is…why so serious? 😉

4 – Tron Legacy

I feel like Tron Legacy didn’t receive the credit it deserved.  The visuals in this movie were excellent, which I think is due, in part, to the director.  His name is Joseph Kosinski, and he is a fairly new director, with Tron Legacy being his first feature film.  He comes from an architecture background, so his designs for the worlds he creates are amazing.  I loved the entire look of Tron, from the light suits, to the very angular and contemporary buildings.  I also loved the fact that all the slow motion scenes were filmed using a high speed camera.  I appreciate filmmakers who use real techniques instead of doing everything in post production.  Joseph’s next big film is going to be another great I think.  It’s another SciFi film called Oblivion, due out in 2013.  Can’t wait for that one!

5 – Super 8

J.J. Abrams is one of my all time favorite directors, and he doesn’t disappoint with Super 8.  This is the ultimate monster movie, featuring a bunch of young and very talented, no name actors, and a small town mystery.  I don’t want to spoil it too much for those who haven’t seen it.  J.J. Abrams has an obsession with lens flares, a film technique used to create horizontal streaks of light across the frame.  These are usually obtained by using certain lenses and lighting to cause the light to bounce around in the camera and create these streaks.  They are sometimes added digitally in post production, but the fact he does most of them in real time is a plus (referring back to my previous comment in number four).  Regardless, they are a nice artistic and visual touch to the movie.  There is one scene in Super 8 where there is a large train crash.  This scene blew me away.  It’s probably about a three minute scene of just wreckage and mayhem.  I remember after this scene ended in the theaters, I was actually clutching my bag of candy tightly and my palms were sweaty.  It was that intense.  I love it!

So that’s a quick list of my top five favorite movies.  I could spend hours listing so many more, but that would probably get a little long winded.  I hope you enjoyed my picks, and if you haven’t seen some or any of these movies, I strongly recommend them.  You won’t be disappointed!

So what’s your favorite film on my list? Let me know in the poll below

And feel free to tell me some of your favorite movies in the comment box at the bottom.  I would love to hear about them! 😀

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