The Next Playstation. Predictions and Thoughts

The next Playstation console is right around the corner, with the latest rumors pointing to a holiday 2013 release. What types of tech will be packed into this gaming machine? Here are a few of my predictions.

What it will have

– Like the new Xbox, the Playstation will have some serious horsepower on the inside. Recent rumors suggest that the Playstation and Xbox will be on par as far as graphics performance. Either way, we are going to have some beautiful looking games next generation.

– The dual shock controller will be updated. There was a rumor posted the other day about a possible new controller with biometric sensors in the handles, and a small touch LCD screen in the middle. I think this may be something that actually happens, since it would bring the Playstation into the next generation quite nicely.

– As with the Xbox, 4K will be a big push. I would be a little surprised if Sony didn’t support 4K in the next Playstation. Especially since they showed off some shiny new TVs at this years CES.

– Something I think we will see, which I don’t approve of, is a rumor about a chip inside the console that prohibits the use of second hand games. This pretty much means that people who buy used games from a place like GameStop, will not be able to play them on the new Playstation. I’m hoping this doesn’t happen, but Sony and Microsoft alike are in the business of making money, and they lose out on the sales of used games.

Things it won’t have

– The next Playstation will not be backwards compatible, which is another thing I’m not a fan of. Sony wants to focus on the next generation, so if you want to keep playing those older titles, you may want to keep your PS3 around a little longer.

– Something I don’t see Sony adopting quite yet is a disc less system. The new Playstation will most likely feature that tried and true Blu-Ray disc drive, since a lot people still don’t have the proper broadband connections to download hefty game files. Digital games are probably in our future, but not quite yet.

– I think we may see an omission of Playstation Move in the next console. Sony may come up with a new version of the tech, or something completely new, but the Move won’t be as deeply integrated as the Kinect is on the Xbox. The Playstation Move never really took off for Sony, and the amount of games that support it are pretty small still, even though its been out for a while now. I think Sony needs to retire the Move and work on something else.

– Like I said with the new Xbox, the Playstation won’t be a radical new design. I think we will only see a couple minor enhancements to the system, and it may look slightly different. The general shape and form factor I think will stay the same.

So with that, I will end my predictions for the next Playstation. You can check out yesterday’s post to see what I predicted for the next Xbox on my home page. And don’t forget to follow my blog to receive email updates of new posts like this one! 🙂


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