Top Ten Things That Make Me Mad in Black Ops 2

For todays video game post, I figured I would talk about the top ten things that make me mad in Call of Duty Black Ops 2.  This came about when I was playing with a friend, and we were naming off all of the things that are irritating in the game.  So let’s get this started.

PS – Sorry for the absent Film post yesterday.  I forgot all about it 😦

COD Black Ops 2

10 – Playing on Losing Teams

It seems like every time I join a match of Domination, or Team Deathmatch, I’m on a losing team.  It never fails.  I’m not bragging or anything here, saying I’m the world’s best Call of Duty player.  It’s just that I would like to be on the winning side for once.  You know, the guys who are getting Escort Drones and AGR’s every time you turn around.  C’mon Black Ops, just team me up with those guys.  I’ll show you I’m worthy!

9 – Teams That Don’t Help Out

This one kind of goes hand in hand with number ten.  There have been many times when I’m playing Domination, and it’s as though I’m the only one capturing positions.  I’m always frantically running back and forth, defending and capturing.  Where is my team?  What are they doing besides nothing?  I’ll be sitting at a flag, patiently watching the meter fill, when I see a teammate run towards me.  Immediately I think, “Oh good, this guy is gonna help me out!”  Nope.  What does he do?  Run right past me and head off to another area of the map.  Then I get killed right before the spot is captured.  Thanks for nothing.  Douche.

8 – Getting Gun Camos 

I have a love/hate relationship with unlocking gun camos.  It can sometimes be fun, and it definitely gives youCOD Gun Camos something to work towards, but it can be extremely frustrating as well.  There’s nothing worse than needing one more kill to get that Bloodthirsty medal, and someone sneaks up and knifes you in the back.  And what’s with all those head shots required anyway?  Do you know how hard it is to get a head shot with the Skorpion SMG?  Can we bring that number down to a realistic level please?  I just want my Gold guns dammit!

7 – People Who Run Around the Map With a Knife

COD Knifers
These people annoy me so much sometimes.  They put on all of those perks to give you inhuman speed, then run by and slice you like a ninja.  You never see them coming.  What’s worse is they kill you four times in a row.  You know who you are.  Knock it off!

6 – Connection Errors and Host Migration

I don’t know what the developers at Treyarch do all day, but it obviously has nothing to do with server maintenance.

So Irritating

So Irritating

It’s really frustrating to be at a crucial part in a game of Team Deathmatch, only to see a nice black screen and that orange triangle doing its twirly thing.  What’s even worse is when you see the little white cable being pulled from the jack reading “Connection Interruption” underneath, and all your saying is “Uh oh, ohhh no. Don’t do this to me”.   Its like your watching a stranger who’s about to sneeze right near you, and you’re bracing yourself for a snot covered face.  Okay that metaphor might be a little unrealistic, but you know what I mean.  It sucks!

5 – Getting Killed Right Before Your Care Package Reward

COD Care Package

Almost…There… (Shot in the back)

This happens to me on a daily basis.  I’m doing real good, running around, shooting mo-fos in the face and whatnot, and then…I meet my early demise.  It’s usually not until after when I realize I was one kill away from getting that awesome care package.  That’s usually when the “Awww C’mon!  F**k youu!” comes out.  Hopefully no one else in my house hears me when I’m screaming at my television.

4 – Getting a Care Package Stolen

You Bastard!

You Bastard!

This goes right along with the last, but it’s even more annoying.  There’s nothing worse then when you find a quiet spot on the map, check every corner to make sure no one’s around, then throw out that smoke grenade only to get shot by some douchebag who came out of nowhere.  And of course the game loves to make your life hell by spawning you on the OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE MAP.  Great… Thanks… Oh look, my Dragonfire is killing the crap out me and reeking havoc on the rest of us.  Sorry team.

3 – Bouncing Betty’s and C4


That’s Right, You be a Tool and Throw That C4 😉

COD bouncing bettyNow I’m not hatin on the Bouncing Betty, cause I use it quite often myself, but it’s quite irritating to be on the receiving end.  Now I know what you’re thinking. “Just crouch when you hear it wind up.”  But my reaction time isn’t always spot on, and nine times out of ten, I get blown to smithereens before I can do anything.  C4 is something I have never used, and it’s really annoying to see a little brown package fly across your screen, only to be dead in about two seconds.  Not cool man.  Not cool.

2 – Campers

I admit I’ve been guilty of camping from time to time.  Usually though, I get too impatient to sit still for a long time and have no one cross my path.  I hate it though, when you get someone who is camping out, and they kill you every single time you go back to seek revenge.  Why are you just sitting there?  I understand you’re probably getting a lot of kills from stupid people like me, who can’t let go of killing that one dude who gets you every time.  But let’s try to be a little fair and maybe move to a new section.  Or get up and capture some points if you’re in Domination.  You’re a disgrace to your team!  That’s right, I said it.

You Think You're So Cool -__-

You Think You’re So Cool

1 – Swarm Score Streak Reward

COD Swarm 1

I Hate You…

This is probably the most annoying and unfair score streaks in the game.  It’s next to impossible to move anywhere when Swarm is out.  You almost make it into a building, then BAM, hunter killer drone to the face.  You respawn…BAM, you’re dead.  I’m sure it’s loads of fun when you actually get the Swarm score streak, but since I have yet to do that, this will always be the most irritating thing in Black Ops 2.  Usually when this comes out, I just sit there and watch myself explode over and over again.  There’s no point in even trying.  Thankfully, it’s a somewhat rare thing in multiplayer.  But when it does come out, I just say “Awww no, f**k this!” and quit.  Poor sport you say?

Swarm in Action

Swarm in Action


So that’s my list of Black Ops 2 annoyances.  This wasn’t really in any specific order, but it is generally how I would rank them, with Swarm definitely staying on the top spot.  Man I hate those Hunter Killer Drones!

What are some of your complaints about Black Ops 2?  Do you agree with mine?  Let me know in the the comments section.  Or you can tell me on Twitter – @FotoPhilm.

If you ever want a teammate who will actually help capture flags in Domination, or have your back in Deathmatch, hit me up on Xbox Live – billium killium

Saw this while searching for pics.  Made me laugh. :D

Saw this while searching for pics. Made me laugh. 😀

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Things That Make Me Mad in Black Ops 2

  1. I swear every time I’m playing we migrate hosts twice each game!! It’s so stupid! I just want to play. It’s worse when you’re having a shoot off thing with someone. When the game starts again, you know sh*t’s about to go down…

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